Sonos, creators of groundbreaking wireless sound systems, never had a specific sound associated with their brand. To make up for that, they teamed up with none other than Philip Glass, the iconic master of contemporary classical music, to create a unique sonic logo - “a sound that meant Sonos”, in the words of Dmitri Siegel, Sonos VP of Global Brand.To celebrate the launch of this extraordinary collaboration, Anomaly and LOBO came up with a 30-second animated piece to accompany the new sonic branding, bringing the music to life in a mesmerizing visual journey.Directed by Mateus de Paula Santos and Fabiano Broki, the film features dynamic abstract shapes and patterns that represent in subtle, implicit ways ideas related to sound and the mathematical structure of music, as well as referencing iconic Philip Glass album covers.The textural treatment of those images has an analog look and feel, with a strong leaning towards optical effects rather than digital ones. This interplay between analog and digital elements mirrors mr. Glass’ own approach to the composition, which in his words “reflects two opposing ends of a spectrum: the organic and the electronic. The organic, represented by the acoustic instrumentation, speaks to the act of listening as both communal and personal. The electronic, which can be heard in the synthesized elements, is a nod to Sonos products as breakthrough technology, both in sound reproduction and connectivity.”

Mateus de Paula Santos, Fabiano Broki
Executive Producer 
Luis Ribeiro
Aron Aguiar and Bruno Melo 
Art Director
Fabrizio Lenci
Motion Designers
Bruno Ferrari, Igor Lopes
Philip Glass
Post Production Producers
Clara Morelli and Rosangela Lopes

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