Created by advertising agency BBDO Dublin and New York-based production company LOBO, the film entitled UNFAIR CITY is one of the most advanced uses of the technology to date and will be used to highlight the growing inequality of homelessness as it hopes to raise much needed funds for some of the most vulnerable people in our society. Although the images are created with AI technology, using tools such as Midjourney and Disco Diffusion, care was taken to work with artists in creating the overall effect. UNFAIR CITY was created in partnership with multi award-winning director Diogo Kalil of Lobo and illustrator Vini Bustamante. They helped to fill the context around Justin’s words and shape the visual style of the film. The images are presented in a water colour style. The unpolished brush strokes and abstract use of the images helped maintain humanity, while using AI.


Diogo Kalil    
BBDO Dublin
Executive Producer LOBO 
Loic Francois Marie Dubois, Micheal Stanish
Executive Creative Director
Shane O'Brien 
Account Manager LOBO
Su Constantine
Creative Director
Robert Boyle  
Head of Production LOBO
Marcelo Barvosa, Clara Morelli 
Art Director
Vini Bustamante
Post Production LOBO
Bruna Boretto
Strategy Director 
Adriano Elliezer 
Ai illustrationDiogo Kalil with MidJourney
Donal Gaugham
Igor Lopes
Creative Director/copywriter
Eoin Conlon
Amper Music's AI
Head of Innovation
Ed Leamy 
Sound Production 
Senior Account Manager 
Emma Blaney 
Music Director
Mairena Julius
Head of Production
Jess Derby
Sound mix     
Dean Jones @Scimitar 
Agency producer
Hannah Lambert        

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